Community Partnerships

Who to Contact

For general information about volunteering at schools, as well as information about family and community partnerships, please contact Holly Bocchi, the Family & Community Partnership Coordinator, at 253-583-5043.

If you would like to volunteer at a specific school, please contact the volunteer coordinator at that school.


Volunteers are valued partners in the education of Clover Park School District students. We encourage family and community members, as well as local businesses, to consider serving in our schools. Not able to volunteer during school hours? Many schools offer volunteer opportunities that can be completed at home. Volunteering is an excellent way to demonstrate to our students the value our community places in their education and their school.

District volunteer program policy: This document details Clover Park School District's policy regarding the engagement of volunteers. Updated August 2012.

District volunteer program procedures: This document details Clover Park School District procedures regarding volunteers. Updated February 2013.

Volunteer Handbook: A guide to becoming an effective volunteer in Clover Park School District.

List of volunteer opportunities: This is a description of the volunteer opportunities available throughout the district. Updated regularly.

Volunteer Interest Survey: Complete this form if you would like to volunteer with our schools.

Field Trip/Chaperone Guidelines

CPSD 5630-F1 Volunteer Application: English | Spanish 

5630-F2 Volunteer Coaching Application

Family Resources

Strong family partnerships are a priority in Clover Park School District. National research consistently shows that when a student's family is actively involved in his or her education, that student's rates of academic achievement increase. This success holds true for all students and families, regardless of ethnicity, income level or education background (Henderson and Mapp, 2002). Involvement will look different for every family. Ensuring a child gets enough sleep and eats a healthy breakfast before attending school every day is form of involvement just as meaningful as attending parent-teacher conferences or volunteering in a child's classroom. Learn more about how you can help us to continue to build strong partnerships with our families:

Tips for partnering with schools - English (pdf), Tips for partnering with school - Español (pdf): Strategies to help families successfully partner with schools.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) ( Primary agency charged with overseeing K-12 education in Washington state.

Center for Improvement of Student Learning site ( OSPI department working to increasing access to information and resources to improve learning and teaching, and to promote academic success and equality for all students.

Governor's Office of Education Ombudsman site ( Source for information about K-12 education. Also provides conflict resolution assistance between families and schools.

Family Dictionary of Education Terms: Lists and defines vocabulary and abbreviations used in elementary and secondary public schools in the state of Washington. Includes Special Education terms as well.

Upcoming events: Check here regularly for information about planned districtwide family events, meetings and programs.

Community Partnerships

Clover Park School District (CPSD) continually seeks partnership opportunities with local businesses and community organizations. These relationships provide our students and staff with access to valuable and enriching resources, including specialized skills, experiences and knowledge. Likewise, partnering with CPSD allows business and community members the opportunity to develop supportive and rewarding relationships with students and staff, and to demonstrate the value the entire community places on education.