CPSD Wellness

The mission of the Clover Park Wellness Program is to establish a culture that promotes healthy lifestyles through environmental and social supports. This program encourages employees to strengthen their health and well-being through educational opportunities, wellness activities, and self-improvement.

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American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association

Cancer Support Community

Creating a Healthy Eating Plan

Crisis Clinic - Helping Lives On the Line

Crisis Clinic of Thurston and Mason Counties

Eating for Everyday Wellness

Employee Assistance Plan Guidance Resources

  • Company ID: eap4u
  • Phone: 888-293-6948

Exercise Classes

Healthy Servings: A Visual Guide to Portion Sizes

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Nutrition Classes

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Quitting Smoking

Stress Management - Help Guide

Welcome to the Health Education Resource Exchange (H.E.R.E.)

January's Healthy People Newsletter

November's Healthy People Newsletter


Gold Achievement