Virtual Learning

District-Approved Virtual Learning Option

Clover Park School District will provide five full days of in-person learning for grades K-12 in our schools this fall (in accordance with the school calendar).  

However, the school district is offering a virtual learning option for elementary and secondary students whose families have decided to not send their child back to school full-time in person.  

CPSD will be using OSPI approved online Alternative Learning Education (ALE) providers: 

Start of School Information

The first week of the school year will serve as an orientation week for students participating in virtual learning. Virtual students should be fully set up by Sept. 10. 

Elementary families should monitor their email for log-in information. Middle and high school families should expect a call from Graduation Alliance. You may also call 7-888-615-6115 to connect with the registration team (reference Clover Park Virtual School).


Key information to know as you make this decision on whether your child will participate in in-person learning or enroll in virtual learning for the 2021-22 school year: 

  • Your student will be enrolled for the FULL SCHOOL YEAR in this ALE program.  
  • This program is separate from the school district, so you will not have a classroom teacher(s) from your neighborhood school. 
  • Your student will continue to have access to resources and supports currently provided through the school district.   

K-5 Virtual Learning Option Frequently Asked Questions

What is the virtual learning option through Pearson?
The Pearson Learning program is a blended learning model with a student-centered approach. This means that students will have the opportunity to participate in real-time learning with the teacher online, as well as independent (or asynchronous) learning.

What if my student wants to return to their neighborhood school?

Because of the learning program, the district asks that you commit to a full year for the program.

Is the program rigorous?
Pearson provides a rigorous academic program taught by state certified teachers, and curriculum and instructional materials are aligned with state learning standards.

What will the school day look like?
Your student’s daily schedule would be similar to your student’s current school’s schedule; however, there is schedule flexibility.

Will students have access to additional services (504s, special education, etc.)?
The district will work with families regarding special needs, such as 504 and special education services.

Are immunizations required?
The state requires proof of required immunizations for all students to participate in in-person or virtual learning programs in the state of Washington. This does not include COVID-19 vaccination. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not a required immunization for students in Washington.

Will students have access to school resources?
Students will also have full access to social/emotional and mental health support/resources available at their neighborhood school. This includes counselors and mental health resources.

Can my student participate in after-school activities at their neighborhood school?
Students enrolled in virtual learning with Pearson will have full access to after-school activities at their neighborhood school. Families will need to transport their student to their neighborhood school, but students may ride available activity buses home based on the program at their school.

Will my student receive technology?

A computer will be provided by the school district. Students who currently have a laptop will use that device.